“Utmost Professionalism”

In the past decade, I have had the pleasure to retain, Mr. Mark Stern’s firm for numerous legal guidance, defense and, real estate services. With each and every case Mark and his staff have and continue to address each issue with the utmost professionalism. Mr. Stern and his staff continually provide exceptional client service and, exceed expectations on a consistent basis. I wouldn’t want to think about my next legal endeavor without Mr. Mark Stern & his team.

Utmost Professionalism~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Russell

“Mark is a Seasoned Professional”

Mark is a seasoned professional who is very capable of representation. He is fair, reasonable, and strives to represent his clients aggressively and with cost/efficiency in mind. Mark is an excellent choice for an attorney.

Mark is a Seasoned Professional~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Ed

“My Lawyer for Over 10 Years”

Mr. Stern has worked for me as my primary lawyer for over 10 years and has always performed in a competent and professional manner!

My Lawyer for Over 10 Years~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Joseph

“A Client for over Two Decades”

I have been a client of Mr. Sterns for over two decades. He has handled matrimonial, child custody, real estate transactions, litigation and estate issues for me. I have referred many friends to retain Mr. Stern for various legal issues and have received only thanks and positive feedback regarding his services.

A Client for over Two Decades~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Angela

“Best Attorney New York New Jersey”

Mr. Stern is very knowledgeable and thorough. He has been our attorney and our daughter’s for over 16 years and we would not be able to find a more competent attorney whom we trust.

Best Attorney New York New Jersey~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Betty

“Understands the Emotional Challenges”

Our highest recommendation goes to Mark D. Stern. He is an excellent lawyer who understands the emotional challenges of planning and settling estates as well as all matters concerning real estate. Mr. Stern helped us navigate through the challenge of settling our family’s estate. From the beginning, Mr. Stern’s good council helped us establish a fair and ethical standard honoring all. Mr. Stern’s guidance through this process proved to be a value beyond measure for which my family will always be grateful.

Understands the Emotional Challenges~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Barbara

“Mark D. Stern is Ethical & Meticulous”

Words can’t fully explain how highly I recommend Mark Stern as a lawyer! Mr. Stern has been my lawyer for over 4 years and he truly stands apart from rest. Over the past 4 years Mr. Stern represented me in court many times, his ligation skills were exemplary. Mr. Stern was always very well prepared, poised and quick witted. Mr. Stern also has put together an amazing legal staff! Mr. Stern’s staff works tirelessly out of respect for the clients needs as well as their genuine care for fair and just outcome! In my opinion there is no need to look further than Mark Stern if you want a lawyer that is ethical, meticulous with exemplary ligation skills that truly cares about his clients!

Mark D. Stern is Ethical & Meticulous~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Frank

“In Good Legal Hands”

Provided personalized and human-scaled advice as we set up our wills. Clearly explained our options and the reasons for his recommendations. Worked closely with us as we went through the intricacies of the entire process, and was very patient throughout. Always treated us with warmth and with respect, as if we were family, not just clients. He is the kind of professional I feel comfortable with, knowing that in terms of legal matters my family will be in good hands! I could not be more satisfied!

In Good Legal Hands~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Len

“Recommend Mark Stern to Anyone Needing Legal Help”

Mark and his office staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They helped guide me through my divorce in the most caring way, always giving the right advice. Mark came highly recommended to me and I am very pleased with his service. I too would recommend Mark Stern to anyone needing legal help.

Recommend Mark Stern to Anyone Needing Legal Help~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Joanne

“An Excellent Attorney and a Very Good Man”

! found Mark Stern to be both an excellent attorney and a very good man. I felt that he was very knowledgeable and experienced. He had everything under control, and always knew the next step to take for the best result. He was always concerned with my “best interests”.
He has a very friendly and knowledgeable staff who get right back to you with answers to any questions that you have. They know right who you are when you call, and Mr. Stern himself is very accessible. He is friendly and personable. I felt that he listened carefully to all of my concerns and understood and respected my position on each issue that arose. He was also very realistic.
If you have to go to court with him he is confident, calm and able to deal effectively with anything that comes up. He is professional and polite in all circumstances.
I feel very fortunate that although I am not an Orange County resident, through careful research my local attorney found Mr. Stern to represent me. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

An Excellent Attorney and a Very Good Man~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Debra

“Hard Working, Diligent Lawyer: Mark D. Stern”

Mark D. Stern is a very honest lawyer. He is not only honest himself, he expects you to be honest as well. He is hard working and diligent. He is well prepared and knows the law. He is personal and truly gave me the sense that he cared a great deal about my case.

Hard Working, Diligent Lawyer: Mark D. Stern~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Kevin

“Top Lawyer Hudson Valley NY”

I was looking for a “Top Lawyer” and I was advised to look for someone that was a competent Litigator in Probate Law who would be able to handle a complicated Estate case. Through my search I was directed to an Attorney in Newburgh who sent me to Mark Stern. The moment I spoke to Mark on the phone, I knew that he was the one. Lawyers sometimes have negative reputations but Mark Stern would change any skeptic’s mind. He and his staff are always courteous and polite. They have compassion and empathy for my concerns. I have been working with Mark for over a year and his disposition has never changed; the same applies to his staff. Every time I call the office and I sometimes call frequently; they are never frustrated with my many questions nor are they ever unkind. Mark “knows the Law” and he is meticulous in his representation. Mark and his staff are very proficient and never hesitate to provide support. I am very proud to say that Mark Stern is a “Super Lawyer and he has a Superior Staff” Anyone in the market for an attorney that is knowledgeable, ethical, and will provide high quality service with integrity………. choose Mark Stern and you will also agree that he is a “Top Lawyer”. His is absolutely the BEST!!!!

Top Lawyer Hudson Valley NY~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Valencia

“Great Attorney & Staff, Goshen NY”

Comprehensive representation. Covered all the bases in personal injury action and motor vehicle issues. Kept me apprised of what to expect and what I could do to enhance one action and mitigate the other. Never left me in the dark, wondering what was going on. Icing on the cake was the staff, all of whom are compassionate, friendly, supportive, and intelligent. Plus, the dogs in the office function as the best receptionist I’ve ever come in contact with!

Great Attorney & Staff, Goshen NY~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Kenneth

“Attorney Recommendation: Mark D. Stern”

Mr. Stern defended me in court. I could not travel because of medical reasons. We did everything through the mail and phone conversations. He was very professional and was very compassionate. Someone from my late husband’s family challenged my survivor benefits. I gave him all the information I had and he took it from there. He worked hard and I won my case. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Attorney Recommendation : Mark D. Stern~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Carmen

“Lawyer with Utmost Integrity”

Mark Stern represented me with utmost integrity. He is a highly skilled professional with an excellent staff behind him. I felt comfortable from the first time we talked on the phone. Mark is a gentleman and will represent you well.

Lawyer with Utmost Integrity~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Toni

“Mark D. Stern is a Superior Attorney”

In my opinion, Mark D. Stern is a superior attorney. He has an outstanding knowledge of the law and shows excellent courtroom procedures. His work is thorough and detailed. As his client, I found Mark Stern most supportive of my case.
I highly recommend Mark Stern to others who may need legal assistance. Additionally, Mark Stern’s staff has been very cooperative and helpful in moving my case along in an expeditious manner. I am totally satisfied with the legal help I have received from Mark Stern as he was highly successful in resolving my case.

Mark D. Stern is a Superior Attorney~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Mary Jane

“Trustworthy and Competent”

Mr. Stern represented me in a traffic matter and I was more than happy with his work. His breadth of knowledge continues to amaze me and I am comforted knowing that I have such a competent and hard working attorney available if I should need him again.

Trustworthy Competent NY Attorney~Five Star Avvo Rating, 2017

“Very Highly Recommended Attorney”

Mark Stern has been my attorney for 35+ years. He has represented me in various matters including preparation of a separation agreement (reconciled); an administration proceeding; litigation (plaintiff) which resulted in a very fair settlement in my favor; successively closed on three real estate matters; and has prepared my will, health care proxy and power of attorney. His advice has always helpful to me and my family and I have never been disappointed.

Very Highly Recommended Attorney~ 5 Star Avvo Rated, Antoinette

“Who Knows Better than Another Lawyer?”

After many years and dealings, I recommend Goshen attorney Mark Stern without reservation. Smart, effective, forthright advice and representation. Highest ethics. Honest, loyal, well organized. No drama. A credit to our profession.

Who knows better than another lawyer?~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Marc

Mark Stern has been my attorney for 35+ years. He has represented me in various matters including preparation of a separation agreement (reconciled); an administration proceeding; litigation (plaintiff) which resulted in a very fair settlement in my favor; successively closed on three real estate matters; and has prepared my will, health care proxy and power of attorney. His advice has always helpful to me and my family and I have never been disappointed.

Very highly recommendedAvvo Rating 5 Starts ~ Antoinette

“Possibly the Best Matrimonial attorney in Orange County NY”

Mark Stern was the first and only Lawyer that was sincere enough with my case to actually explain the process in a way that I could understand what was happening. I had a rather complex divorce, it nearly bankrupted me and I was so annoyed with the lack of follow through from three prior lawyers that I decided to go it alone and represent myself. However, when I needed help, Mark was there. He IS a professional. He holds his staff to accountability and high standards. Everyone is treated like family when you walk in his door. He acted when he said he would do something, and held himself to the dates he promised. He is calm and collected, unemotional when dealing with the facts and this helps get your case right to the point. His advice was never wrong in the 18 months I used him, and he is constantly updating his wealth of knowledge by pulling out the most recent case law for examples in your case. I found no grammatical errors in his work, whereas some of the papers I reviewed from other matrimonial lawyers were absolutely littered with errors. Quite possibly the best matrimonial attorney in Orange County, and well worth his compensation.

Possibly the Best Matrimonial attorney in Orange County NY~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by JT

“Excellent Attorney”

Mark was great he was very knowledgeable and confident. He was a calming presence in a very emotional and extremely aggravating divorce. He helped keep me calm & get a fair settlement. I would highly recommend him!

Excellent Attorney~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Dominick

“Top Notch”

I retained Mr. Stern on two separate matters. The first was to recover for personal injuries I sustained in a fall, the second was for a real estate transaction. In the first instance, Mr. Stern aggressively pursued my best interests in dealing with adverse counsel and the insurance company. Mr. Stern ultimately got all of my medical bills paid, as well as obtaining a well-deserved award for my pain and suffering. In the second matter, I sold my home. Mr. Stern and his extremely capable and compassionate staff were able to put all the real estate ducks in perfect alignment. The entire transaction proceeded without the usual trauma and drama that normally accompanies real estate matters. In both cases, Mr. Stern proved himself to be completely in charge, compassionate, capable, and more than fair in the fee arena. All things stressful were absorbed by Mr. Stern and his friendly and attentive staff. I highly recommend this attorney.

Top Notch~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Nancy

“Wonderful Attorney”

Far too often, people are eager to make complaints, but I wanted to take the time to share my wonderful experience with Mark Stern. I am very, very pleased with the performance, support and professionalism of Mr. Stern. He has a very kind and professional attitude. Mr. Stern was always prompt with answering all my questions and concerns. Professionalism does not stop with Mr. Stern. His office is to be commended, as well, for their knowledgeable and quick help. Mr. Stern and his staff receive an A+ in my book!

Wonderful Attorney Goshen NY~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Maureen

“Mark D. Stern is a Gem”

I have known Mark Stern for 20 years both personally and professionally. He has and is representing me in several actions involving contractual disputes and real estate ventures. He has always been thorough and straightforward in his legal analysis of the situation. He is well respected by his clients, his opponents, colleagues and the community. He has always given me good counsel and informed me when I am in the wrong. I can highly recommend him as a man of integrity who is full of sound legal advice. read more

Mark D. Stern is a Gem~ Avvo 5 Star Rated

“Mark Always Makes Time”

Mark has represented me over the years to buy a couple of homes. I am certainly not his biggest client, by far, but anytime I called he always took the time to answer my questions, give advice when asked and never made me feel like he was rushing me off the phone. He has taken care of my will and treated the process with the utmost care and attention to detail. I think he was even more serious about the process than me. This gives you an indication of the ethics and sincerity of this man.
I would be happy to recommend Mark to anyone that asks!

Mark D. Stern Always Makes Time~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Carmella

“Strong Recommend Mark”

I consulted with Mr. Stern during a pending divorce. He was very insightful, available, and responsive to my queries. His staff was also very warm and welcoming. He covers multiple areas of law and I can certainly imagine seeking his counsel on other matters if needed.

Strong Recommend Mark~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by S.

“Mark D. Stern is a Man of Integrity”

Mark Stern has been my lawyer for many years. He has always shown that he had my best interests in mind in whatever he has done for me…from real estate matters to personal matters.
He takes the time to listen and then proceeds to do all he can on my behalf. It has been a rewarding and successful relationship. I recommend him highly to anyone looking for a high degree of legal ability and personal attention.

Mark D. Stern is a Man of Integrity~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Patricia

“Extremely Skilled, Knowledgeable & Honest Attorney”

Mr. Stern has represented me for more than 20 years. He successfully kept my family intact during a very contentious divorce. He has also handled my business dealings, involving everything from real estate transactions (buying and selling), landlord tenant issues, corporate dealings to the personal issues that sometimes arise when you have active, growing teenagers.
I can always count on Mr. Stern to give me his honest, well thought out opinion. I am fortunate to have found such a dedicated attorney.

Extremely Skilled, Knowledgeable & Honest Attorney~ Avvo 5 Star Rated by Paul